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Over nine years of research experience in social science and public health research, who specializes large scale survey design and analysis, and data quality in various forms and tools of research work with Quantitative as well as Qualitative techniques and then last five years I have developed data entry and tabulation package in CSPro for various large scale surveys in India as well outside India. Presently I am working as Consultant State Data Manager in UNICEF Chhattisgarh (Through PDCSL).

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Great news for CSPro users long time waited CSPro 6.0.1 Android version Released Today...

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CSPro 6.0.1 and CSEntry Android App were recently released! The CSEntry Android App can be used to run data entry applications on devices such as phones or tablets . Data entry applications designed in CSPro can be run seamlessly on both Windows and Android devices without modifications. This is a "build once, deploy many" system, so you have the freedom to decide what device you want to use to conduct CAPI surveys using CSEntry.

This updated version has some significant improvements:
  • CSEntry Android app is available for download in the Google Play store
  • The Android application has a synchronization tool that allows applications and data files to be synchronized with Dropbox or on an FTP server
  • Several tools have been added to CSPro: PFF Editor, Production Runner, Operator Statistics Viewer, Save Array Viewer
  • Language additions: string data type, getocclabel, getos, getvalue, setvalue, showarray
  • Bug fixes and small enhancements
For more information on new features go to:

To download CSPro 6.0.1 go to:

To download CSEntry Android App go to:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Android Based CSPro Fourth Beta version release..

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This is the fourth beta release for the Android version of CSEntry. Highlights of this release include:

- a new combo box control for Android; this will display the contents of a value set and it will also allow the interviewer to type in a response that falls within a value set range; this can be good for a field like Age, where generally you will want the interviewer to type a response but you also want to show entries for responses like Missing and Don't Know

- the case tree now displays the labels for answered values, not just the value itself

- a new synchronization tool has been added, with support for FTP and Dropbox; this will be documented shortly

Because many email programs/servers are now blocking .app files, we decided that we should rename the extension of the CSPro logic file. We are now calling it .apc (application code). Old applications with .app files will run correctly, and when saved after modification, will retain the .app extension. However, if you create a new application, the logic file extension will be .apc, so do not be startled when you start to see .apc files.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Android Update

It has been a long time since anything has been posted here, but it is because we are busy working on the Android version of CSEntry. We have made good progress, and hopefully we can release an alpha version of this in a month or two. If you would like to be notified of the alpha release, please sign up on the beta software page.
The first release will be targeted mostly at phone users, as it will be one-question-per-screen. Later we will add support for multiple questions on a screen. As with the old Pocket PC version, you will design your application on the desktop and then deploy it to your Android device to run the program.

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