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Over nine years of research experience in social science and public health research, who specializes large scale survey design and analysis, and data quality in various forms and tools of research work with Quantitative as well as Qualitative techniques and then last five years I have developed data entry and tabulation package in CSPro for various large scale surveys in India as well outside India. Presently I am working as Consultant State Data Manager in UNICEF Chhattisgarh (Through PDCSL).

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Android Update

It has been a long time since anything has been posted here, but it is because we are busy working on the Android version of CSEntry. We have made good progress, and hopefully we can release an alpha version of this in a month or two. If you would like to be notified of the alpha release, please sign up on the beta software page.
The first release will be targeted mostly at phone users, as it will be one-question-per-screen. Later we will add support for multiple questions on a screen. As with the old Pocket PC version, you will design your application on the desktop and then deploy it to your Android device to run the program.

visit counter for blogspothttp://www.csprousers.org/2013/12/17/android-version-update/

Sunday, December 23, 2012

CSPro 5.0.2 Released!

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version 5.0.2 of CSPro. There are only minor improvements in this version. We made some bug fixes that will allow CSPro to work on Windows 8 machines (but not Windows RT tablets). Also, we added a function, setoutput, that may be useful for people writing batch applications.

Download from the link

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CSPro 5.0.1 was recently released!

visit counter for blogspotThis version has some significant improvements:
- Internationalization. CSPro now has full support for non-Latin languages (Unicode).
This is a large change to CSPro and even affects users who use only Latin
  languages. Read the "Unicode Primer" in the help documentation for more
  information on how this change will affect you.

- Data and specification files are saved in UTF-8 encoding instead
  of ASCII/ANSI format.

- New multiline alpha fields, useful for addresses, memos, or notes.

- The tick marks on alpha fields can be removed to support scripts with
  connecting features, such as Arabic, or scripts where multiple
  keystrokes comprise one character, such as Devanagari.

- Users can modify the font used in the CSPro Designer.

- A PDA (PocketPC) version is no longer supported.

- Bug fixes and small enhancements.

For more information on new features go to:


To download CSPro 5.0.1 go to:


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Custom Data Entry Menus

In CSPro 4.1.002, you can customize the menus of the data entry application, CSEntry, to change the menu options to be in the language of your choice, as long as the language can be represented in ASCII characters (most European languages). In the future, when CSPro supports Unicode, all language scripts will be supported.
To override the default text options, you must create a file called csentry.menu and place it either in the Program Files\CSPro 4.1\ folder, or in the folder where the PFF file for your application is located. This file has a format that is easy to follow. For example, to override the File menu text, you would place this text in the file:
File_Open=Ouvrir une application
File_OpenDat=Ouvrir un fichier de données
File_Save=Sauvegarde partielle du questionnaire
To add shortcut keys, place an ampersand before the shortcut letter. For example:
File_Open=&Ouvrir une application
File_OpenDat=Ouvrir un fichier de &données
File_Save=&Sauvegarde partielle du questionnaire
Placing the file in the Program Files\CSPro 4.1\ folder means that it will affect every single data entry application run on that machine. Alternatively, placing it in a folder with the PFF allows you to have different menus for different users.